Aug. 14th, 2007 06:00 pm
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So I'm full disc, right? I'm a) the spirit/PI bitch in raids b) the chain healer since I have the mana pool to support it (think I've got screenshots of me with 14-15k mana and 11k hp) and c) the priest that can take a hit (Pain Suppression with a Hydross add hitting you is hawt stuff, I tell ya).

But since I get the T4 legs last night (full set, yipee) I noticed that my heals dropped sub 1500. That's kind of worrying. I've got heal enchants out the wazoo, but as my gear has gotten quote-better-unquote, my heals has dropped massively. I am not a tailor (but I can make just about every flask in the game, and proc extras too!) but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get my numbers back where they're supposed to be (aka 10k hp/13k mana, decent regen, and about 1600 to heals) or if I'm going to have to break the t4 4-piece bonus to do it. Armory link is here for those interested, but that is so not what I logged out in. I'm thinking that when I got DCed last night in Mag, it saved it to the armory then, not when we downed Fathom Lord (guild first!)/HK/Gruul and I got the t4 legs.

Yeah, 4 bosses in 1 full night of raiding, and one of those was a new one. :) We should so get a good majority of our members drunk the day before raids again if this is the kind of performance that we get!


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