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So in 25 hours, the 'homeless' portion of my life begins.

Fun times.

I can't even bring myself to feel anything.
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I'm about to commit the closest thing to blasphemy there is on my LJ flist.

I don't like Firefly.

I gave it two episodes, and I just. don't. like. it.

And the sad thing is, I really wanted to.
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So um... Metallica.


I can haz moar? Plskthx. Oh yeah, and Lenny from Motorhead showed up.

As I said in facebook status:

Ears: Bleeding. Voice: Gone. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Oh yeah, and this is my total Steampunk Princess look. )
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So raise your hand if you've had a hellaciously bad day.

*raises hand*
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Yeah. I now have two roommates that RPG and it's making me want to get back into.

Even if I have to post something on my journal and people reply to it. >< I'd like it to be Firefly like, but not set in the universe. (Simply cause I don't know enough about it.)

So yeah.

HALP! /flails
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  • 17:50 Crazy times today... #

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Cheer up emo kid.


Apr. 29th, 2009 08:03 pm
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I turned in my two week notice today at work.

When you go to work hating it and leave very relieved... something's wrong.

Bad part? Just don't know what to do. Hardly anyone's hiring for non-sales jobs.

But I'm keeping my hopes up until I know otherwise.
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  • 16:33 Ugh, tax time. >< #
  • 17:01 @eibbil o.O hehe good thing the Things are old enough to watch themselves, no? #
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I wrote last night for the first time in ages.





Never let them see you bleed.


That's right.

The fucking fifth year fic I never completed.

Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Brain.

Off to go beat the hell out of some bunnies.

Or play WoW.

Yeah, playing WoW sounds pretty damned good.
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  • 10:56 somedays you dont realize how good you've got it until someone inadvertantly reminds you of it. #

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iboughtanewcar. o.O
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  • 12:28 today appears to be a shut up because you're being ignored day #

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  • 21:51 waiting at gamestop for release... 2 hours and counting #

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  • 16:24 boring boring boring... oh and the crackfic I metioned? might be tied into a short novella that I wrote in 12 hours called forbidden #
  • 16:25 so excited too - preordered wrath at my local gamestop and going over my gl's house to grind it to 80 #
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  • 10:12 man I seriously don't like living in a bigoted state. #

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  • 16:12 man now I almost wish I hadnt voted early but ah well... flipping between and bbc for election coverage. #
  • 16:33 here at work (bank inside a grocery store) it's life as normal... people walking by, some with I voted stickers, some without. #
  • 16:34 I voted early but one of the publix employees gave me her sticker so I could get a free cup of coffee at starbucks after work. #
  • 21:05 I'd so rather be at home and watching cnn or bbc america #
  • 23:45 havent been this nervous about any sort of election in a while #
  • 23:49 I wonder if I should call mom and ask her about any election day parties going on... no matter who wins (although I hope for obama) toni ... #
  • 00:12 okay I'm nervous now. #
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McCain was extremely gracious in his concession speech...

and I just want to give him a big old hug and tell him that though I supported the other guy, that he's still a POW, a war vet, and he's still respected as the senator from Arizona.

And I really felt so bad for him. He looked like he was about ready to cry.
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